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Money shame is real, but it doesn't have to last forever.

How we feel about money is a reflection of our perception of money, our relationship with money, and how we feel about ourselves. Let's work on building a healthy relationship with money by learning how to handle it the right way.

Feel like you have to keep your money habits a secret?

Secrecy, silence, and judgment are the three greatest components of perpetual money shame.

You're not alone. "Nearly two-thirds of respondents—in a romantic relationship—said that they’ve hidden purchases to a spouse or partner," according to a recent report from MyBankTracker.com.

The good news is you have the power to change your relationship with money. The first step is believing you have the ability to properly handle money. This course is will help you break up with your bad money habits and start a new, healthy relationship with money built on a foundation of knowledge and practical guidance.

I'll show you everything you need to know about managing your money properly. Let's break the patterns your money-shame thrives on and start your journey toward a debt and shame-free future.

Don't let your past money mistakes define your self-worth

In this course, you’ll learn to stop the behaviors that contribute to your unsustainable financial situation. Such behaviors and feelings the course addresses include:

  • Feeling judged or embarrassed in front of family or friends if you admit you can't afford things
  • Understanding little about your finances
  • Attaching your self-worth to owning the newest clothes, cars, etc.
  • Advertising your success by always picking up the check or financially rescuing family and friends even when you can't truly afford it
  • Accruing debt in order to maintain an appearance of wealth
  • Hiding the fact you're one of the 54% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Spending on impulse items you know you don't need
  • Playing the credit card balance transfer game to manage debt, while continuing to spend
  • Hiding bankruptcy, foreclosure, or job loss is part of your past or present circumstances
  • Feeling depressed and hopeless about your finances and fearing what others think of you

Practicing financial empathy and compassion means acknowledging the mistakes we've made, owning up to them, and not allowing the mistake to cause an emotional hiccup in our journey toward financial freedom. We cover the importance of our relationship with money in-depth in this course.

73% of those who go in debt to keep up with their friends keep it a secret from their friends

What will this course do for you?

Nickolas Natali's GOODLAM course is designed to help you:

✅ Break the patterns of negative spending habits

✅ Stop putting your financial well-being last

✅ Build confidence through gaining knowledge on practical money management strategies

✅ Stop spending time stressing over what to do with your money

✅ Stop feeling helpless about your finances

✅ Become your own financial champion

✅ Cultivate a healthy relationship with money

✅ Money-management knowhow

✅ Relieve the stress of financial uncertainty

✅ Understand how to meet your financial goals

✅ Start creating a new financially wise life for you and your family

✅ Ensure your financial success and transform your relationship with money


Your Biggest Question:
"Is the Get Out of Debt Like a Maniac course for me?"

This course IS for you if these statements describe you:

  1. I want to begin tackling my financial goals with confidence
  2. I want to set myself and my family on the best financial path moving forward
  3. I want to be debt-free
  4. I want to have an emergency fund
  5. I’m ready to get serious about tackling my debt
  6. I want to know how to manage my finances
  7. I want to retire as soon as financially possible
  8. I want to become financially free
  9. I want to start building wealth
  10. I’m a highly motivated person

This is NOT for you if these statements describe you:

  1. I want to remain in debt and don’t think it’s that big of a deal
  2. I want to keep a balance on my credit cards
  3. I want to have no money to cover emergency expenses
  4. I want to continue feeling ashamed of my finances
  5. I don’t care about being financially free
  6. I never want to retire
  7. I want to have poor credit
  8. I want to hide my financial situation from loved ones
  9. I want to live paycheck-to-paycheck
  10. I’m too lazy to fix my finances

If you want a financially secure future, the answer is.... YESSSS!! This course is for you!! 

The Get Out of Debt Like a Maniac online course is all about building a strong foundation for your money, getting you out of debt, and creating a financially free life. These foundational strategies apply regardless of your financial situation or circumstance.

What are people saying about the course?

"Super exciting seeing my debt number get lower and lower. I am about 3 months away from being debt-free and it's all thanks to you, Nickolas!"

Matt D.

"I really never thought I'd see the day when I wouldn't be in debt. This course has changed my life, I now understand how to manage my money properly and am finally out of debt!!!"

Paulina S.

"This course is everything I needed. I love the humor you mix into some of the lessons as well. My wife and I love this course."

Alex M.

Working with you every step of the way

Each week Nick holds live group trainings where he answers any pressing questions you may have, and ensures you're on track to meeting your goal of being debt-free and financially smart. Nick designed these sessions as a way for you to hold yourself accountable and intentionally reflect on your finances. All sessions are recorded and sent straight to your email afterward.

This isn’t a webinar. Nick isn't there to talk at you the whole time. Nick provides real-time feedback and consultation on your financial journey.

Are you tired of feeling judged because you can't cover unforeseen bills?

Managing your finances isn't something you can push aside and deal with later—if you can’t a few months of expenses due to sickness, job loss, or a pandemic you NEED this course.

The world is unpredictable and you need to prepare for financial upheaval and be equipped to handle it, rather than pray to survive. You don’t want a life centered on surviving day to day and just ‘getting by’ financially. It's about THRIVING, and that requires a secure financial foundation, including an emergency fund Nick shows you how to build, whatever your current financial circumstance.

Individuals who’ve mastered managing their personal finances are in a position to build their life on a financially secure foundation that allows for homeownership, travel, college tuition, retirement, and a diversified stock portfolio.

If you’re ready to master your finances, all you need is an internet connection, your laptop, and a willingness to be guided by Nickolas Natali, who has gotten out of debt faster than anyone we know and worked to grow a net worth that's in the 1% of the world for his age (without selling his soul).

Take the first step to taking control of your finances and your future.

What You Get with the Get Out of Debt Like a Maniac online course:

✅ Live group sessions with Nick to discuss common financial pitfalls and how to avoid them, and more

✅ Real-time feedback and consultation on your financial journey from Nick

✅ Four modules of online video content covering key money matters. You learn to:

  • Build a budget that supports your financial goals
  • Manage your money, intentionally day-to-day
  • Become debt-free ASAP
  • Create a solid credit history while avoiding paying interest
  • Set personal financial goals
  • Create a financial roadmap that ensures you attain them

✅ Private, supportive online group to connect with other GOODLAM participants

✅ Do it from anywhere! All you need is a good wifi connection, a pen, and a pocket notebook!

✅ Lifetime access to the course and all future content

✅ New modules and content added regularly based on your needs

Bonus: Learn how Nickolas Natali paid off $60,000 of debt in 11 months and achieved financial freedom

I'm ready to take control of my future!

Why learn from Nickolas Natali?

He went from 60K in debt to debt-free in 11 months and skyrocketed his net worth. He’s here to help you achieve your financial goals, starting today.

Nickolas Natali is a habit-building and personal finance expert. Having paid off $60,000 of student loan debt in 11 months, Nickolas Natali now teaches others to do the same with his online program, Get Out of Debt Like a Maniac.

In less than three years of becoming debt-free, Nick has skyrocketed his net worth to be in the 1% of the world for his age by using simple and practical budgeting strategies. Nick's successes in coaching and teaching come from his ability to break down seemingly complex finance tactics step by step, paint by numbers to-do’s ANYONE can apply.

Today, Nickolas Natali runs a top-ranked podcast, The Nickolas Natali Show that has now been listened to in over 30 countries around the world.

Whether your personal finances are a total disaster or you’re debt-free but need a path forward to achieve your financial goals, Nickolas Natali has you covered.

You won't be doing this alone

Get access to our GOODLAM private community, a place where other students within the course can chat about ideas, their journey, discuss lessons, and ask Nick questions.

You'll be plugged into a community that will help hold you accountable for meeting your financial goals and inspire you to succeed. Many say you are the average of the five friends you hang out with most, Nick says you're probably the average net worth of the people you hang out with most as well. Surround yourself with like-minded, go-getting individuals.

Overview of modules

Nick adds new lessons regularly based off of FAQs and your comments!


Debt (~65 Minutes)

This section covers what debt is in detail, the habits you'll need to get out of debt, and creating a plan of attack to get you out of debt as quickly as possible.

Budgeting (~75 Minutes)

In this section we cover multiple ways of budgeting so you can know which budgeting style will work best for your financial situation.

Cutting Expenses (~75 Minutes)

How to cut expenses without losing out on life! In this section we show where you can cut your spending while still living a fulfilling life.

Credit (~50 Minutes)

Debunking the misconceptions about what credit is and how it should be utilized.

Updated Lessons Weekly

Each week the course will grow based on what YOU need. Your comments and most frequently asked questions will dictate where the course will go. This course is designed to help YOU. Modules that will be included in the course as time moves on include: Taxes, Investing with Index Funds, Behaviors of the Wealthy, and more!

I'm ready to change my finances and my future!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GOODLAM course?

Get Out of Debt Like a Maniac course is a step by step guide to help pay off debt, save for emergencies, and build wealth. You have the luxury of going through the GOODLAM course with other people by getting plugged into the GOODLAM community, or on your own with the on-demand videos and guided lessons.

Who is the GOODLAM course for?

GOODLAM is for people who need help or want to do better with money! It has the content, tools and resources you need to reach your money goals faster with the primary focus on getting out of debt!

Does GOODLAM help me even if I'm not in debt?

Absolutely! With GOODLAM, you’ll learn all about the necessities for managing your money well. The emphasis is getting out of debt, however there is money content that is beneficial for all walks of life.

How much does the GOODLAM course cost?

Get Out of Debt Like a Maniac course is a life-changing tool and that contains content that will help you take control of your money for good. Purchase the course early for only $249, including three months of live office hours!

How long is the GOODLAM course?

GOODLAM, currently, is broken down into four sections ranging from 55 to 75 minutes each. More lessons will be added as time continues. You can go through the lessons at your own pace. If you purchase office hours you will also have an opportunity to answer questions live for Most classes meet once a week for nine weeks for 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the class structure.

How long will I have access to the course for?

You'll have access to the course content forever. Access to live office hours is good for the first three months from your enrollment date. After that accessing office hours is $99 /mo

Over $6,000 Worth of Course Content & Resources

Get Out of Debt Like a Maniac course contains life-changing material that has been curated for years. It also contains bonus material that is updated regularly to answer the most frequently asked questions to take your journey deeper.

  • Three months of once-weekly, live Q&A sessions with Nick where he addresses your financial questions and helps you work through problems
  • When FAQ’s arise that are incredibly pressing and valuable, Nick will make a video explaining the best financial move for you and the course members
  • Four learning modules that set you up with a solid financial foundation
  • New learning modules and ongoing course updates
  • 24/7 access to the GOODLAM community

Lifetime Access! Enroll today you’re guaranteed access to all existing and new content forever!!

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you're not happy after completing the first four modules of learning content we'll give you your money back up to one year! We're confident that the information in this course will provide you the confidence to make wise financial decisions and kick off your financial freedom journey.

Still Have Questions?

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